Unseen Provisions

Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying,
“This is the way, walk in it,”
Isaiah 30:21

In the photograph, on the far right, there is a red and white mark on a rock, for those who are not hikers, this is a trail marker. This mark lets you know you are on the right path. This photo was taken in the Wadi Qelt. TheWadi Qelt is a unique spring-fed desert ravine that provides a phenomenal hiking experience. It starts nearby Jerusalem and extends along the Adumim Ascent (Ma’aleh Adumim), the same ascent in which Jesus would have gone from Jericho to Jerusalem. The distance of the hike from Jerusalem to Jericho is about 20 kilometers. The walk is much like that of a walk with the Lord, I have noticed. The Lord will tell one where He wants them to go and as they head off in that direction, He will give markers along the way to let you know you are going in the right direction. Those markers are few and far between sometimes as the way is quite obvious. But, when it looks like you could go in one or more other directions, there will be a trail marker or a small voice in your spirit that say, go this way. I have noticed in my walk with the Lord, it is not always the easiest way that is the way He wants me to go. I have also noticed that as one follows the way He has laid out for you to go, He will give provision when necessary as you run out of your own resources as in this case. It looks very dry and barren and the need to drink lots of water is prevalent as one walks in that hot desert sun. As we walked another two steps forward, there was a clear pool of water in the path where we could fill bottles and drink.

This is just a small example of my walk with the Lord over the past 48 years.

© 2012 Sherwood A. Burton all rights reserved


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