Tombstone Territory

James 4:14 whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.

Kind of continuing on yesterday’s theme of our lives being like a vapor or smoke, there have been so many times that I have spent hours in cemeteries of one form or another and almost always the Lord God has spoken to me. I remember once going to a photographic show in Jerusalem and of all the photographs that were there, I was drawn to one of a young girl sitting in front of a tombstone. The curator of the show saw my interest and came to tell me about the photograph. The photo had been taken in Poland as a Jewish team of young people had gone to find and clean up some of the derelict Jewish cemeteries there. This girl had just found the tombstone of her grandfather and was quite in a state of shock over the discovery.

This photo however was taken near Richmond, Maine on a very early frosty morning only because I felt drawn into it as I drove by on my way somewhere else. My camera is always ready for whatever might come my way. 

© 2012 Sherwood A. Burton – all rights reserved


2 comments on “Tombstone Territory

  1. I am drawn too but usually by the quiet and reinforcement of the vaporous lesson that is life. Poignant story of the little girl – do you have that image still?


    • Sherwood says:

      I am afraid that at the photo exhibit, I took no pictures but did purchase the book offered. The photo was in the book but that book is now in storage in the USA and I do not even remember what the exhibit was called.


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