Luke 24:45 Then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures, 


This is a CD, a compact disc which holds various kinds of information. Until one reads what is stated on the reverse side of this disc, there is no indication of what kind of information it might be. This particular disc holds information that will increase ones understanding and ability to perform certain tasks. However, even knowing what is on the disc, one is still somewhat in the dark as to understanding and ability until it is placed into the proper equipment which will actually read and translate that information into a form which can then be understood. The bible is a great example of this.

In this case, it is actually immaterial as to this disc’s content as it is a way for me to show what the above scripture message conveyed to my mind. “He opened their minds” to comprehend, to understand. He places within us that ability or He flips the switch that activates that technological breakthrough, either way, we begin to see, to understand differently, from a new perspective.

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