Flower Power

1 Kings 6:29 Then he carved all the walls of the temple all around, both the inner and outer sanctuaries, with carved figures of cherubim, palm trees, and open flowers.

Blip #180

I took this photo as I sat looking at the wall in front of the kitchen table. The wall seemed so indiscript, kind of like the shower stall floor from a few days ago, so, I thought to brighten it up a bit and give us some flowers to look at.

Yup! I kind of like it better this way. Can you tell, I am obsessed with flowers!

When we rented this apartment, there were tiles that had been broken or missing and rather than cover the area with tape or whatever, I thought to buy A4 sheets of sticky label material, photograph the tiles that existed that were not damaged, print (at the exact size required), cut out each tile photo and place it on the broken place. Hey, it works and very un-noticeably done. This covers previous holes that have been drilled etc.

Of course prints like these not only cover boring places but actually brighten up ones life.

© 2013 Sherwood A. Burton – all rights reserved   (www.500px.com/daystar


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