Unexpected Encounter

John 9:1 Now as Jesus passed by, He saw a man who was blind from birth.

Unexpected Encounter

It is Shabbat and there is very little traffic today. I decided to talk a walk in a park that is about three blocks from our apartment. As I walked in the coolness of this season, I went by a monastery, called the Monastery of the Cross. A tour group was entering the place and since I had never been in there, decided to follow the group in. Took several photos inside but as I was leaving, this fellow appeared on a chair just before the exit. He allowed his picture to be taken.

This reminded me of a time some forty nine years ago when I was not so aware of God nor His Kingdom and my room-mate in the U S Air Force invited me to church one Sunday morning, I said OK expecting to meet some nice girls there. Bat, I bumped into Jesus on that Sunday morning and it changed the rest of my life for the better.

Somehow, I seriously doubt that this bird encounter, though unexpected, will affect the rest of my life as Jesus did.

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2 comments on “Unexpected Encounter

  1. Beautiful blumage! Meeting you was a great encounter too. You witness in the best of ways.


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