Thoughtful Journey

  Psalm 82:6 “You are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you;

Thoughtful Journey

“My Thoughtful Journey through life” I take a look at this photograph and I think… yup, I think, I do not let this device do it for me, I think about what we have here, it is a device that lets us travel round the world, see things we shall never see in reality. This device is a recorder, a memory bank of things we want to preserve. It is a messenger receiving thoughts and ideas from other people in the form of mail delivered over the internet. It has a built in camera eye that looks at me, a microphone that lets me speak to others, actually it is a bit of a robot that sometimes seems to have a mind of its own.

That brings me to the thought of people who are trying in one way or another to duplicate ourselves through mechanical and electrical technology. But, I say, look at us, we are technological marvels, we see, we hear, we record, we touch with our hands, our hearts, our minds, we decide what is good or bad for us, for others. We speak, we move, we are self-sustaining, we grow, we change, we marvel and develop ideas such as what I am doing right now. And we read and make decisions about what we see and read just as you are doing right now if you have come this far in the reading of my thoughts, what I believe or even what I care about, even about what you may think of me.

I am so hung up on this Creator God and His wisdom and understanding, I am awe-struck far beyond what I can write..

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