Life’s Layers

Luke 18:16  Jesus called them to Him and said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God.

Half an Onion

This is an onion which has been cut in half. As can be seen, there are layers and depending on how you see it, there are multiple layers from the outside to the center. Or, there are multiple layers from the center to the outside.

I see God’s word being played out in so much of the natural world around us, as in this onion, I see the child in the center, around that child is a layer that either protects it from the surroundings or keeps it from relating to the surrounding world. Then there is the next layer, things that we are taught or things we learn about our world that is so much bigger then we are. The next layer are more learned or taught things about our world, say things that could harm or prejudices or experiences, good and bad. The next layer is much the same as with all the following layers.

Initially, as babes and very little children, we enter this world full of faith and trust. We have spent the past nine months in the mother’s womb being fed and cared for with no other responsibility other than to grow. Once pushed out of this lovely world of having our every need met without any thought, the reality now is, I need to let them know that I am hungry or wet or messy or cold or hot. That first layer begins to develop.

Now we are grown and God wants us to be as little children, totally dependent on Him for every need we have. Look at all the layers of doubt and uncertainty we have developed that He is demanding that we shed and become vulnerable again, we must become vulnerable. Not easy

This is just another of my thoughts on growing up into the Kingdom of God.

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