Details 96

Genesis 1:2 The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters.

When I buy a puzzle from the store in a box, as I open the box, I see a lot of pieces that are just that, a bunch of pieces. One could say that they are without form and void and darkness is on the face of it all. It is only when I start putting these pieces together that it starts to look like something.

I have often thought of a watchmaker and all the parts and pieces that go together to make a clock or watch. Before he begins, there have to be available, all the parts which he will then assemble in a specific order and configuration for the device to work properly. As I look at this watch and its inner workings, there is a set order of placement that must be observed in order to have all the pieces fit and work together. As the timepiece is finally assembled, the adjustments are made to cause it to keep time. That “time” which it records is set by the movement of the stars and moon and sun and the rotation of this planet in its daily course around the sun, all things working together.

But, when did this Creator cause our physical time to actually start? He wound up the starting mechanism and actually set “time” in motion at some specific point. There was a moment when we, human beings, became aware of “time” with regard to this planet and its course through the heavens. My theory: is that time as we know it, began with the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden. How long were they in the Garden of Eden? What would it be like to live without the concept of time? What is the Creators time like? The bible says that a day is like a thousand years (from our perspective) but what is His perspective of time since He has no beginning and no end? What is a “day” in His time, could one day be a billion of our years or even longer? As I said on the 5th of March from Isa 55, His ways are not like our ways. I believe that God is the Creator of all that we see and a lot more and He lives outside of time as we know it. If He says six days, I believe it was six (of His) days.

 © 2014 Sherwood A. Burton – all rights reserved


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