Dreams 3A

Dreams 3

Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.

The road we travel is seldom straight and usually strewn with rocks and side roads, I have found it never continuously smooth and without bumps and potholes.

The dream interpretation comes as follows: This family had been praying sincerely for the Lord to show us where He had in mind for us to live. We have learned that we must let Him know the desires of our heart and in this case we had outlined what we wanted which we knew would not be an easy prayer to fulfill according to our searching on line and through leg work and real estate agents. The dream actually pointed this out as the truck with trailer traveling at a high speed backwards is in fact, an impossible task in the natural. Then it came to rest at high speed against a truck and trailer going in the correct direction. This showed us that we were leaning against the Lord who could make our situation a bit more realistic. But then as that second truck moved off the road and left us going downhill without any possibility of changing the road we had decided to travel, it left us being in a position to trust, fully trust that the Lord was going to accomplish our request regardless of what it looked like in the natural. We had given our decision to move out to the present apartment owner expecting all the while that the Lord would let us see where we were moving to by the time the movers arrived to load up our belongings. Though we were still feverishly looking for what we had asked the Lord to show us, we found nothing that was within our budget and only one or two that was way outside our budget. Now we come to the point where the trailer, in the dream is coming to the railroad tracks and the cables are stretched across the road. The movers arrived and we are still waiting on the Lord with nothing to tell the movers where to deliver the furniture. In the dream, at the last minute the cables drop and we cross unscathed. We discovered that the movers had a storage facility of their own and we said, put our stuff in storage as we had only at the last minute been offered a place to stay till we found a new home. Thus, as the trailer coasts into a place to come to rest, we coasted into a bed and breakfast for a week. Thus, one could say that the dream was at that point fulfilled but the story continues with a chance meeting of a fellow believer who said that the building he lived in had an apartment on the ground floor (part of our request to the Lord) with three bedrooms (a second part of our request) and he thought it would be about the price we had also requested of the Lord. We saw the apartment the next morning and it filled all the requests we had given to the Lord, needless to say, we took the apartment and have been living here for about a month already and love it. It is also in the area that we had requested of the Lord plus no deposit required and no realtor expenses either, Praise the name of this awesome Creator God who absolutely answers prayer. The Lord had also said to keep your faith strong in Him. (Keeping the boat traveling at exactly six degrees)

© 2014 Sherwood A. Burton – all rights reserved


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