Fact Finding


Today, I had to pass by the same place I had seen this strange flower a couple days ago and as usual, had my toy camera with me. The wind was not as desperate as it was before and I stopped and actually took a fairly decent photo as you can see. It looks like it is very little flower and a lot of stamen. The size was about like a ping pong ball. It certainly grabbed my attention. Anyway, after I did the errands, I was fairly near a flower nursery and stopped in showing them the photo and they gave me, in English, the name of this gem, Calliandra. I have some three hundred seventy flower photos in my computer and probably know only about ten or fifteen names. I guess I am only an observer and forget to get the facts. Sad, I would make a terrible reporter. I guess I shall have to carry a small notebook with me from now on. Not a bad idea.

© 2014 Sherwood A. Burton – all rights reserved


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