Unseen Dimensions

Just a visual representation of an unseen dimension

Just a visual representation of unseen dimensions

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God …………………….. “created”

To create means “to produce something from nothing.”

What did He create; actually, lots of invisible things that make up the visible things. He created atoms, particles, strings and all that quantum physics stuff. This is all unseen stuff. What about magnetism, one can see the effects of magnetism but it is a force that is unseen. Another one that is unseen is gravity. Then, there is the electromagnetic system without which nothing becomes anything. Plants will not grow without that system, light, sound, x rays, microwaves, radar, sonar, physical vision, smell, all of these depend on this system without which we have nothing. And, it is a totally invisible force which is only observable by how these forces react on the physical stuff around us. (One almost has to wonder, is any of this really real?) I have to say that this Creator God is genius beyond the scope of understanding. Thus, we have the heavens and the earth from verse one. So, how many unseen dimensions do we have around us that effect what we can see, five, six, ten, or twelve? Can it be known? Tomorrow, we will consider verse two.

©2015 Sherwood A. Burton … all rights reserved


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