Day Four


I have to go along with scientific evidence that the earth has been around for 13 point something billion years ago as we know years and I will explain why I am of this persuasion. Don’t shut me off too quick because I also believe the bible account very well and this is why I can hold both accounts as true. Who is the author of all that we can see and understand? If we are followers of this One True God, we must realize that He is the author and finisher of our faith. “Time” is part of the equation but when, exactly did our God institute “time” as we know it today? I know that with God, a day is “like” a thousand years as the manual has told us but before sun and moon existed (day four) how did we reckon time? What was its basis for time to even exist? What then was a day, a year? We look today at the fact that the earth revolves around its own axis with relation to the sun at roughly 24 hours and we call that one day. Then a year is the time it takes the earth to find its same place in regard to the sun as it makes its circuit around that fiery object. When did God set it in motion around the sun? We must realize that it had to be set in rotation around its own axis so nothing burns up or freezes but motion around the sun, when did that happen? When did we start using the terms, days, weeks, months, years?  So, my question from day four and back to that creation of heaven and earth is, what was the term a day based upon, Our reckoning, Or His?  Possibly this earth could have been formed 13 point something trillion years ago. These are just some of the thoughts I have rolling around in my head looking for a way out.


Genesis 1:14-15 (Lexham English Bible) And God said, “Let there be lights in the vaulted dome of heaven to separate day from night, and let them be as signs and for appointed times, and for days and years, and they shall be as lights in the vaulted dome of heaven to give light on the earth.” And it was so. 

In Israel, we always look to the moon as all feast days start on a full moon. And now, we have the blood moons which are a hot topic especially since they are occurring on the major Jewish feast days. It seems this Creator has considered the moon as an indicator for many things including calculating time.

It seems we are only now coming to realize that the sun and moon are not just lights in the sky to separate night from day and to keep us fairly warm. My mother, as I was growing up, used to consult the phases of the moon so as to know the right time to plant and when to harvest. Most everywhere we lived in those years, 40s and 50s, there was always enough ground for planting vegetables, and we always had a wonderful crop harvest.

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