Spiritual Birth

Born Again

John 3:6-8 (The Message Bible)When you look at a baby, it’s just that: a body you can look at and touch. But the person who takes shape within is formed by something you can’t see and touch—the Spirit—and becomes a living spirit. “So don’t be so surprised when I tell you that you have to be ‘born from above’—out of this world, so to speak. You know well enough how the wind blows this way and that. You hear it rustling through the trees, but you have no idea where it comes from or where it’s headed next. That’s the way it is with everyone ‘born from above’ by the wind of God, the Spirit of God.”

All of us on this planet earth are born of the flesh but to be born from above requires a certain commitment. When I was born from above, it was a very humbling experience and for several days, all I could do was weep. I recall having a deep desire to read the bible and when I did, it was a new experience because now, I could actually understand what it was saying. I could see that it was not just a history book of rules and regulations but it was His Story, all which He was in the process of doing in order to give every person on the planet the opportunity to enter into His Kingdom. He has filled me with so much love and understanding that it is an exhilaration to go from day to day in His power to overcome the obstacles set in my path. As the word says, without Him we can do nothing (of real value).

©2015 Sherwood A. Burton … all rights reserved


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