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All the photographs with the letter prefix “A” are what I call artistic .They are all manipulated photographs which are not necessarily the reality but convey an idea. In the first case, the A-029 image is a combination of darkness  and light and the scripture which comes to ‘my’ mind is from Malachi 3:10. A-046 is a man standing at the western wall in Jerusalem Israel and there is a set of doors to his right. These doors are not really there but represent the attempt at this place to come into contact with the ‘spiritual’ forces of the God of Abraham. A-078 is a picture of myself when I was probably three. I had been left in the charge of a teenage girl babysitter who taught me things I never should have known till I was much older and as I look back at that time in my life, I felt that I had been dropped and broken. The picture A-094 is just a seedpod of a flower that has expended all its seeds and for me it looks like it was actually singing of the Glory of Gods wonderful ability to keep everything going forward and rejuvenating. The A-095 is just the impression of a clock face that I have scrubbed off some of the image to make it look like it is just fading away  as I believe that we are running out of time to get our personal relationship with the Creator right. A-079 is a combination of three images. The background is the Judean Hills, the stone tablets representing the law given to moses was an image I took at a synagogue in Jerusalem. The bird is a rock dove I photographed at the western wall in Jerusalem. The whole images is to represent the law given to Moses on the mountain written by the finger of God and the dove represents the Holy Spirit poured out on that very same Shavuot  date after the departure of Yeshua.

The “F” photographs are real flowers in real time which gives an idea of what can be done if one uses the right lighting, time of day and angle of attack. Depth of field plays a major factor in the end result. What mood does one wish to convey with the image. F-042 is an almond blossom in kind of a fuzzy appearance so as to suggest softness and can be used to convey a blessing at, say, a wedding.  In the case of the F-043 image, the intent was to convey “Breakthrough” as it does appear that there had been some sort of struggle for this flower to break through the hard baked ground. I am told it is a ‘broomrape’ flower.  I must admit, I am not much on names of flowers but love to photograph them. Flowers are great for greeting cards and other things. The following are just a few examples of the hundreds of flower images which I have done over the years.

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I must confess, I have no more to show today but will give more examples which I shall endevor to shed a bit of light on tomorrow. I have been asked by so many to give some sort of lessons on photography for some time. Saying that, I shall say this, I am not a professional though some have said that, I just love what I do and the Creator God helps me do it. Thanks for participating.

©2015 Sherwood A. Burton … all rights reserved




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