“The Ultimate Gift”

gift-bowRomans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life …..

 How does one wrap the perfect gift? What kind of wrapping for the most expensive gift of all time? And, in fact, what kind of container shall this gift be given in, let alone all the rest? This God of Creation has the perfect answer to all these questions and more. He decided to give a gift to all of mankind, a gift that will never stop giving throughout eternity. Of course this all happened around two thousand years ago but it is still so unique that it continues to go far beyond what any of us could have come up with. This pure Love decided to give the world Himeslf in the person of His Son. It goes so far beyond that, but for what I want to share today is going to rattle a few cages. As we all know, the container which He decide to use was the willing body of a Jewish virgin girl living in Nazareth, Israel named Meriam/Mary. This is the package He decided to use and she was willing to go along with His decision. He then decided to implant this young girl with His son Who would be the Light of the world on the 25th of December, not to be revealed to the world till nine months later. The Perfect Gift at the perfect time to be revealed at His chosen Feast of Tabernacles (Succoth). The Hebrew word ‘Succoth’ means, God with us. Yes, the Light of the world entered the world at December 25th but the world did not know of it till nine months later when He was fully formed. That is when the angels gave the shepherds the news, in September, before the rainy season when they would have been in the fields watching over their sheep. (Sheep’s wool absorbs a lot of water and they would become too heavy to move around in the rainy season) In Israel, you will not find but extremely few sheep or shepherds in the fields from November till March. The Word proves all of this, by the way. Enough said for today. You are welcome to make comments.

 ©2016 Sherwood A. Burton … all rights reserved


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