Sherwood A. Burton is a retired photographer if there is such a thing. A photographer is constantly seeing images which must be captured and some images which have a direct bearing on the thoughts in his heart. Sherwood is a believer in the Messiah of Israel and lives in the land of Israel as well. He started in this photographic obsession at the age of twelve in 1950 and has photographed several other places in the world even though brought up in the United States. Maine was his birthplace but as an adult, felt the call to Israel and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He became a believer in 1963 while in the U S Air Force and was baptised into God’s Holy Spirit in 1983. He was called by God to Israel in 1987 and discovered at that time, much to his surprise that the bible was a Jewish book, from cover to cover and it is God’s story to the world, and a manual for living a good life as well. Not only is the Bible History but also His story.


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