“In the Potters Hands”

creator Jeremiah 18-4

Jeremiah 18:4 And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter; so he made it again into another vessel, as it seemed good to the potter to make.

I realized today that I had been like that vessel that was marred in the Potters hand. As it says in Psalm 139:13 For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb. I have been a work of your hand from the very beginning but I was not turning out as you had desired and You gave me the opportunity to allow you to make me again into another vessel. There were impurities that entered into this vessel that He had formed at a very early age which made it unacceptable but thank You Yeshua for coming to rescue me. I am so very thankful that I allowed You to mold me into something You could take home and let me sit at Your table for in the reality of the eternal perspective, I am but a child. Luke 18:16 Jesus called them to Him and said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God.”

I understand that this is the ultimate reality that we all live in. Being born into this worlds system is only the beginning of the process that we all must go through. Unless we take that step of faith and allow the Potter to cause us to be born of the Spirit, from above, we can never sit at His table for the meal of all ages. We are all marred by this worlds system and this God of Creation gives us free will to choose whether we desire to live in the darkness or in His marvelous light, whether we want to cloak our thoughts and activities in lies and falsehood or to dwell in openness and truth without fear. Once the born again from above experience takes place, we are allowed to see just how fantastically awesome His Kingdom really is. We really do become a new creation, a new vessel of honor, ready for an eternity of freedom.

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“Eternal Beauty”

Isaiah 40:6-8

Isaiah 40:6-8 “All flesh is grass, and all its loveliness is like the flower of the field. The grass withers, the flower fades, because the breath of the Lord blows upon it; surely the people are grass. The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.”

Do we really realize just how fragile we are? I am reminded of a story by C. S. Lewis called, Pilgrims Regress where he describes a child in the first year of life who can see “the island” across the street and through the trees but as teachings invade that life, starts to lose sight of it as the bushes of doctrine get in the way until it is no longer visible. That is when he has to clear away some of the doctrinal debris that has been taught so that the “island” can become visible again. It sometimes is a long way back to when we were children and able to see clearly the beauty of an unspoiled life. One must erase the doctrines of men in order to see the reality of where we came from and what the Creator God had in mind for our lives when we were just a seed in the ground of humanity.

Luke 18:15-17 Then they also brought infants to Him that He might touch them; but when the disciples saw it, they rebuked them. But Jesus called them to Him and said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God. Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.”  I believe we must return to Gods Word and reject the doctrine of men or face a very dark eternity.

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“Yet…..Another Dream”

Dreams - Joel 2-28Joel 2:28 “And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.

Yes, yet another dream as the scriptures proclaim about old men: I was in a rugged mountainous forest and I could see in the distance at the top of a small mountain, yet much higher than a very high hill but probably accessible in a day or twos journey. As I climbed up this forested mountain, I could see at the top, stone figures of what looked like angels. When I arrived, I grabbed hold of the stone work and slid my hand over the top of one of the figures expecting to find a treasure. I was fairly careful as I did not want to topple the figure over or be surprised by some hidden venomous creature. There was nothing there except some sand and dust. As I moved around the figures, there were two or three stone angels, I came upon an area of lush beauty with people in bright colors dancing and enjoying the day as there was a banquet taking place with festivities. I remember seeing one girl who had just come out of a spring of water and being exhilarated at the fact that she had just turned eight years old. Everyone was so very happy for her and the party continued. I was, as usual with a camera and had just been told that this was a very special day, the name of which I did not really catch, but important none the less as there would be signs in the heavens with colored clouds and shapes. As I stood on a small hillside there, through the trees, I could see the clouds being whipped around into shapes of people in bright colors. I started taking pictures and people kept getting in the way of a clear view. I kept moving around but by the time I was in a good position, the show was over. Then I noticed that there were many flowers in the area the variety of which I had never seen before but extremely beautiful, lots of white and yellows. I remember thinking I hope I do not run out of film but then realized I had a digital camera of the larger format, like a Rolleiflex or Hasselblad.

I had awakened a couple of times during this lengthy dream but the dream always continued as I fell back asleep until it was time to rise in the morning. I felt that I must write this dream down for whatever it may mean. If anyone has any kind of interpretation for me, I should be blessed to hear.

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