“Father – Son – Holy Spirit”


(The 1st thing we must remember is that the Holy Spirit is invisible to the human eye)

 John 6:63 It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.

For the truly “born again” believer, one third of our makeup is Holy Spirit. Since we are spirit, soul and body, we are triune beings just as the Creator is a triune being. Eternal life comes through the spirit. As we read the Bible, we must remember that it is a book of spiritual principles and understanding, every word is profitable to the spiritual man. When the Word in Isaiah 53:5 says that “by His stripes, you are healed”, it is talking to the spiritual man, the spiritual man grasps that truth and appropriates its reality to the flesh by faith. When you pray, believe that you have them and you will have them (Mark 11:24). The manifestation first takes place in the spiritual man, then in the flesh and blood man. What an awesome reality. Yet another awesome reality is that faith is “Voice activated” just as what happened in Genesis one, God spoke, believing, and the Words manifested in the physical realm.

This is something to think about, pray about and believe.

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“The Root of the Problem”

Knesset Menorah - Jerusalem, Israel

Esther 3:8 (The Israel Bible) ….whose laws are different from those of any other people
The Jewish people are governed, for the most part, by a higher law, a Spiritual law given by a Spiritual leader called by the Hebrew name, Elohim or by the English common name, God. These laws are all written down in the best-selling book of all time called, the Bible. The author, Elohim, is the Creator of all the elements in the universe and has an understanding far, far beyond anything we can comprehend and only those who He has allowed to be born into His Spirit can begin to understand the ultimate knowledge of this book of instructions and hear His voice. The physical man guided by the human spirit is fallen from grace and is following the spirit of Haman who is being led by that old, old enemy of God called by his proper name, Lucifer (the deceiver). Lucifer leads the dark side of life and Jesus/Yeshua leads the “Light” side. Christians and Jews are hated because the world cannot discern the Spirit.

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Seedtime and Harvest”

Grain field

Matthew 24:37 But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.

It does not take a lot of understanding to look around and see what kind of condition the world has and is becoming. There are riots and anarchy in the streets all over the world. There are vicious murders taking place everywhere and senseless acts of violence that was unheard of fifty years ago. It seems to be coming down to a world that does not want the God of creation in their lives because of all the evil in their hearts. There is lying and cheating and lust and pornography and greed in nearly every area one might see. And the Christian and Jewish heritage is hated with a passion because it shows up the truth of the lives that go against Gods eternal word. I am absolutely stunned by the violence that took place and is taking place because of the inauguration of Mr. Trump as president of the United States. I am so very blessed to be living where people take God seriously. So, I say to those who take God at His word , “Look up for your redemption draws near.”

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